Sycamore Firehouse 2

Operational Efficiency and Quality Control at its Finest

The Fire Station 2 located in Sycamore, Illinois was commissioned to accommodate residential and commercial growth in the north and northeast areas of Sycamore. The building requires optimum efficiency and accommodates the needs of the firefighters as well as the diverse resources and vehicles that define a modern fire station.

Sycamore Firehouse 2 is demonstrative of innovative design that connects with its surroundings while providing optimal efficiency for our firefighters, as they serve the community. It is located within the thriving residential and business community which it serves.

The building process; in progress.

The tower which is under construction in this photo, will bring distinction to the structure.

Laying the foundation for the outside porch area which faces the pond (shown above).

A view of the kitchen…all the amenities of home.

An interior view of the firehouse with equipment.

An area for firefighters to relax.