Campton Storage Building Boasts Frame Construction

The Campton Township Highway District hired Swedberg & Associates as their Construction Management Firm to facilitate the construction of their new storage building. This sturdy building is constructed with attention to detail, and shields vehicles and supplies from all weather, is easily accessible and well lit. Swedberg & Associates is adept at building quality frame structures, such as this one.

Frame structures are valued for their use of minimal structural material, allowing the enclosure of a large area at minimal cost, while achieving a wide variety of architectural styles.

Frame Construction

Frame construction refers to buildings that were designed to carry the bulk weight of the structure within a “skeleton” or framework, as opposed to being supported by walls.

Frame construction enjoys an impressive history and was developed to facilitate the face-paced housing construction centered around Chicago’s early railroad boom. Wood framing was invented in Chicago, for this purpose, and is still used for light-weight structures.

Large scale frame structure buildings were also invented in Chicago and were achieved by William Le Baron Jennings. Both iron and steel can be used.

Swedberg & Associates utilize steel and reinforced concrete for its frame construction projects. This strong and durable product resulting from this method may be right for your project.