Opportunity House, Sycamore IL

The Gymnasium with Counter Area

The Opportunity House Gymnasium, Before and After

The Original Gymnasium

The Gymnasium After Completion

Opportunity House, located in Sycamore IL, serves the developmentally disabled residents in our community. For over 50 years, Opportunity House has provided these individuals a stepping stone to learn, grow and explore activities and work experiences. A Not-for-Profit organization, Opportunity House owns a number of buildings in the DeKalb and Sycamore area, both residences as well as buildings such as the one on North California Street which was remodeled to bring in a number of operations under one roof. Swedberg & Associates, Inc. has had the pleasure of completing various projects over the years for Opportunity House, but this one, by far, is our favorite. In its former life, the building was a warehouse, until Opportunity House purchased it and began, slowly, converting to their new use.

The renovated space contains a basketball/volleyball court, two conference rooms, several administration offices, restrooms, separate lunch and dining rooms, and two production areas where Opportunity House residents can engage in supported-work activities.

The Corridor

The Break-Room

The Copy-Mail-Work Room

The Conference Room

Phase One Construction

Phase Two Construction