Multi-Purpose Room Addition to Merrill Elementary School, Rock Falls, Illinois

The Rock Falls Elementary School District 13 hired Swedberg & Associates to handle the addition of a much-needed 5,850-square-foot Multi-Purpose Room. The modernized, handicapped-accessible space boasts ergonomic workflow improvements; including a cafeteria, gymnasium and updated administrative offices. Married onto the back area of the school; it replaces a basement space previously utilized.

Flow and function is an essential component of the design. The project was a success, and students and staff are enjoying the bright, comfortable and stream-lined space. The project was completed in April, 2016.

The student dining area is pictured above with view of the serving window which opens to the kitchen area.

The layout provides easy-access to hallways and multiple entry and exit points.

Newly renovated washrooms are integrated into the design and color scheme of the overall facility. 

The food preparation areas.