Steve Swedberg, Owner and President

Steve grew up in the family construction business, learning the transparent business practices first established by his Great Uncle, and then his father. He worked summers as a laborer for Swedbergs & Associates to help pay for his Construction Degree from Illinois State University. After college, he worked his way up through the company and is now overseer of all project requirements. Drawing upon his thirty years of experience, Steve is readily available to guide, advise and consult. Clients appreciate Steve’s hands-on approach and his adherence to ethical practices. These qualities come as second-nature, based on his love of the local community. Steve is responsible for managing interior build-outs, renovations, restorations, as well as major building projects.

Our vision is to provide beautifully built and sustainable buildings and structures, inside and out, that fulfill the client’s need for functionality and longevity.

Matthew Gehrke, Owner and Vice President

Matt joined the firm over ten years ago as a Carpenter working in the field. His dynamic approach, and hard-working dedication toward getting the job done right, quickly earned him an ownership position. As an Owner, and pulling from his over twenty years of experience, Matt’s skill set includes everything construction. He is adept at drafting complex plans, as well as conveying the scope of the project in finite terms for the client. He is most often the first to arrive on the construction site, making sure everything is to specification and progressing on schedule.

Swedbergs & Associates takes pride in great client relationships. Larger constituencies, may have a more difficult time duplicating that first-line of communication that increases our productivity and cost-efficiency. We enjoy a close, on-going relationship with a fine group of affiliates and that makes all the difference in the world.

Jim Stepniewski, Office Manager

Swedberg & Associates is grateful to have Jim behind the scenes, guiding the projects, and interacting with architects and sub-contractors as Office Manager. Bringing to the company more than thirty years of accounting and construction accounting experience, he works to make sure the business side is running smoothly, every step of the way. Using a keen business acumen, Jim ensures the required paperwork, payments, payroll reports, waivers, and other pertinent documentation are all in order throughout the duration of each project.

Our team works well together and we share a deep understanding of the needs and scope of every project we take responsibility for. An important part of my role is toward “Safety” which is always a top priority.